X-Rebirth reviewed by me

Saturday 23rd November, 2013 Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Over the past few days ive been asked by a few people to review X-Rebirth. I run a general gaming site that hosts news and reviews on a range of games, however months neglect has meant the site fell into disrepair - old code that didnt get repaired. So ive been repairing and upgrading the site for the past few days, so I can bring to you a review for X-Rebirth.

I have also added the ability to add your own scores to any of the games (like X-Rebirth). I will be very interested to see what you guys think of it. However to score a game you must register, this is to stop bad scores.

I have tried to remain fair and unbiased. Anyway, here is the review;

News picture 42


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