Patch v1.30 on the horizon

Friday 4th April, 2014 Comments 10 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
It looks like the guys over at egosoft are still hammering away; trying to improve X-Rebirth. Patch v1.30 sees the introduction of steam-workshop support which should make it much easier for people to play/install mods. Patch 1.30 also has quite a long list of fixes (most of for either AI, user interface etc.)

The new patch hasnt been officially released yet; but I doubt we see a large change between now and its final public release. So with the long list of changes I have tried to go through it and see what its about;

I also wanted to see how the performance of the game has changed from its first release. Egosoft have said about various improvements since the initial release. So taking a older copy (inital release of X-Rebirth) I compared it to the new v1.30 patch. Please bare in mind these are very rough tests; as frame rates could vary somewhat depending on the universe spawns.

On my system (which is an nvidia system), I get around a 20-40% improvement. So basically from the initial release of 20fps, its moved up-to around 25-30fps. Which for me is still very low for a i7 2600k, 670GTX, 16gb RAM. Most games run between 50-60fps (60 being the highest as I have sync on).

Anyway, hope you find this information useful. I am eager to see how much activity there is on this post; since I feel like a lot of the x-community as moved on.


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