An end of a era

Friday 16th May, 2014 Comments 41 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.

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Noirceuil avatar
Noirceuil  •  1 year ago
Hey rog'
I wanted to thank you pout all your work. I discovered the univer X recently and without your site and your information, the learning would have been boring. Thus thank you and good continuation on your other games!
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rashnish  •  1 year ago
Hey Roguey!
Just wanted to say thank you for all your work on the guides and information for previous X games and even X rebirth. I have to admit without your help i would have been lost in so many X games Smile
On a side note while i admit x rebirth was a downer when launched, as of its current state i do find it to be quite enjoyable. I certainly is different from previous X games, and while it has its ups and downs, i still find it fun. I agree with the fact that there are some bad apples on the community site, and that ego took away some of the things that made them great, i still believe that with this current build and future builds it can be a truly unique game in the x series.
Either way, i just wanted to thank you for all your hard work with this site, and hope that with future builds and updates you may give this game (or ego) a second chance. Even if you don't give the bad apples in the community that chance, i still think that this game can be made and molded into something that will make all astonished and awe struck. At least this is my hope.
PS. i cant wait to see what the elite and star citizen tabs have in store Big grin
Once again thank you for all your hard work!
TC Mahmut Ferit avatar
TC Mahmut Ferit  •  2 years ago
Hi Roguey. I have same thoughts like you. I played all X games. But when I see the X:Rebirth I have a big disappointment. This game is the end of my X experiences. I hope game developers back to old X games.
I want to thank you for your all efforts to make a very satisfying X games guides.
Thank you
KReverri avatar
KReverri  •  2 years ago
I just wanted to extend my thanks and continued appreciation for your work and efforts Roguey. I've been playing the X series all the way through till about 20 minutes of the 'latest.' Your site remains an excellent resource for any time I'm feeling nostalgic and want to set some personal play goals from the old series. Seeing Star Citizen and Elite & Dangerous on the side bar gives me hope that old pleasure will be continued again and maybe even shared with a new generation.
asgardschosen avatar
asgardschosen  •  2 years ago
Hi Roguey. Despite having never posted on the site, nor having had any interaction with you whatsoever, you have still had a profound impact on my life. Your website has fueled my obsession every time I pick X3 back up for another go. While I'm sure I haven't spent as much time in the X universe as you, I have put in my fair share, and much of the enjoyment I've gotten out of it is thanks to you and your website. I'm now reinstalling X3AP and going to give your mod a shot. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to the game all these years. It's a shame that you're moving on from the series, though I can understand the sentiment after playing the travesty that is X:Rebirth. I say travesty not because the game is unplayable or terrible. I say it because they had a unique and spectacular formula going with the X series, and they tossed it down the drain for a more bland mainstream appeal. Had they simply called X:R a trial game, and continued putting out true sequels on the side that would've been fine with me. Some of the X:R ideas would've been great additions to the X Universe (destructible turrets). Egosoft broke my heart with that game, maybe one day they'll return to what made them great. Anywho, rant done.

You have my admiration and my thanks.
Take Care.
Tanchist avatar
Tanchist  •  2 years ago
I started my X-gaming life by playing an X2 demo twice (1 hour only and no saves). It made me so happy I skipped my usual "read first all the Net knows about the game and buy later" policy. I went same day to a game shop where they said they have no X2, just X3 Reunion for sale, and it is even better. So I bought it with no second thought, DVD edition, way before the 1.4 patch went live. I found the bugs everyone found, I saw they getting fixed... I still love this game and I still return to it from time to time. My purpose in game is to wipe all 3 hostile races by claiming their sectors one by one, while I forcibly depopulate said sectors, using as few cheats and mods as possible (STO, Ashley Factories for multiple HQs and sexier complexes, an independent EQdock and none other)... Hard task to take over the last sector of any race, since ALL their dead ships respawn in sector just minutes after you destroyed them. But with pirates and Xenons it worked. Never succeeded in taking over the last Vanilla Khaak sector, yet, but I will keep on trying whenever I feel like playing X3 again. Then it will be Teladi's turn, they spawn pirates and I really do not like it.

Ty Roguey for guidance when I was a total noob.

PS: I will buy and play both TC and AP once I finish this game, probably next year. I am still unsure if only Telady should vanish... Gonna find out sooner or later. It depends on how the other races behave.
Tanchist avatar
Tanchist  •  2 years ago
About X:R... No hate here, I just documented from all available sources before buying and this is my opinion:

1. If I can only play 1 ship out of hundreds as my own ship, this is 1% of X3 gameplay.
2. If I, the exterminator of races, must obey some racial authority and build my complexes only where they want me to, this is 1% of freedom X3 offered. It used to be the other way around. I used to say who can build where and they all obeyed or I punished them thoroughly with dosens of my M2s.
2b. Of course it would be under my dignity to still buy resources from lesser life forms in end game. I am a race by myself, with my own sectors, shipyards (HQs), fleets, complex factoryes and everything. I only sell to others. I sure hope the X:R allows me to be fully independent and have my own mines as part of my complexes if I build where they allow me to (THEY-allow-ME-in-MY-own-sectors!?).
3. Egosoft, ty for calling my Admiral ship "Skunk". I never thought of doing that when I was free to name any ship as I wanted to.
4. I sure hope X:R has a way to allow a dedicated player to wipe entire races if they prove disrespectful, once said player played long and well enough to deserve it. It really means a lot to me as part of my unlimited freedom in X games.

As you may see, I said nothing about game sounds or graphics as I do not really care about them, I only wrote about FREEDOM part of this SAND-BOX game.

1% of an X3 game should cost 1% of an X3 game, even if it took 6 years to make it. And I would still not buy it.
Tanchist avatar
Tanchist  •  2 years ago
3rd post...

5. Why do people complain about dull interior of stations? I mean, once the player hire the proper specialists, the player should be able to paint his own stations interiors as he likes, right? Even put his picture or flag on each and every wall including every WC walls if they feel like it, once they OWN a station. Am I wrong?
Hyperion avatar
Hyperion  •  2 years ago
So this is the place where all mindless X:Rebirth haters seek their refuge, after being banned on the Egosoft forum, to post their butthurt opinions on, with an annoying need to always write something like "I'm glad I haven't bought Rebirth cause it sucks so much" or "it's sad what happened to that crap"?

Playing 4 hours of X:R since it's release seems like a really worthy playtime to be able to criticise it's current state, even after (probably) knowing how Egosoft usually releases quite buggy games right off the release, with them becoming actually playable after roughly a year or so.

You better pick up your towel and give it a go again, since it's become a hell lot more playable with the new updates. But it's always about people who hate it only for being able to pilot a single ship, not understanding that it's about way different gameplay mechanics, not the boring and repetitive X1-X3 ones, which lasted for over a decade (that's quite a long time for a game series to survive without any significant change). Egosoft listens it's fans and tunes the game to become more appealing to their needs again, but it's sad that people completely ignore it after playing it only once, leaving all the work and piece of art unnoticed, only because the game is played slightly differently and some people can't just adapt to anything.

Just thank you all for supporting your favourite space game developer...
Triscopic avatar
Triscopic  •  2 years ago
I've never been a vocal member of this site, but I've been visiting it for a looong time... I think possibly before the loft conversion photos... is that a thing or did I imagine it?

Anyway, this has always been my favourite X site, visited countless times, played (and loved) your mod with it's innovations pushing the limits of the game... I'm so sad to see you going, but I can't blame you at all. There are not words to describe the blight that is X:R, and the way Ego treat dissenters has always amazed and saddened me. I've played about 4 hours of X:R since I pre-ordered it, and enjoyed not a single minute. But I digress.

Thanks for all the time you've put in. It's supported my enjoyment of X for years, and for that I am grateful, and will always think fondly of your site, your name and yourself.

So long roguey, and thanks for all the fish.
wibou7 avatar
wibou7  •  2 years ago

Ah damn, it's for real already?
I stopped playing X3:AP about 3 month ago (because I had basically done everything) but I was really looking forward on you X3AP_mod to begin anew...

Although I browsed the site alot, I had never created an account. But I feel I needed to say thank you and farewell. Although I am quite new to the X universe (I have only been playing for a year and a half), your site have been incredibly useful into learning the game.

It's very sad what happenned to X:R. I still have hope it could be salvaged, but I feel like Egosoft (or their publisher) want to move away from the slow-paced-space-sim genre into some fast-action-in-space console game, so it will probably not improve with time, at least not as a space-sim.

Thanks again for all the fun!
RegularWildKat avatar
RegularWildKat  •  2 years ago
Did you check the lasted patch info from their forum if not here is the forum for patches.
BradASiluk avatar
BradASiluk  •  2 years ago
Sorry to hear you are leaving the community (and as Ailour said: "but i do understand and sympathize".. being in a similar position over some things (RPGs and such) I worked on) .. but You'll be back (WE always go back to what we love doing .. don't we) ..
Ailour avatar
Ailour  •  2 years ago
I've used this site for quite some time without feeling the need to express myself, but this post and the comments that followed made me subscribe just to post a few words.

First of all, a big and sincere thank you to Roguey. I really don't care who you are and what you do outside this site, but your passion and dedication made this place a real treasure. I was quite saddened by your decision to abandon the series, but i do understand and sympathize. The X series lost a valuable member; and from the looks of the posters that frequent X:R, a hard to replace member too.

Since you already made your decision to leave X universe behind, i wish you good luck and lots of fun on whatever game you take on next. Farewell!
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  2 years ago
thanks Xenon, yeah its been shame. Maybe (as you said) Ego might do something surprising, but ive been waiting a long time already.

For me if they just took X3AP, added XML support, upped the graphics and with fast/smooth gameplay, then atleast it would of been step-forward. Listening to the community would of helped too.

I feel X-Rebirth has gone down a bad path. It doesnt look like ego are willing to reverse on it, hence why I wanted to see what v2.0 had in-store.
XeNoN avatar
XeNoN  •  2 years ago
Well Star Citizen then? :> PS im still playing X3 AP but modded with TC plots in AP, its my last playthrough of all X series unfortinetly because X:R is shite and there's no point to buy it, so im moving to the other games too but X,X2,X3 series will have a special place in my "hall of fame" hahahahha.
XeNoN avatar
XeNoN  •  2 years ago
Bro, although you know probably my story already.
Ive started playing/modding x series only 4 years ago but i always like space combat/trade sim games. And i can tell you that X was/is one of the best one excluding X:R ofc.
Anyways there are alot more and better games than x series which i think you will get good support from developers and which you personally would like, for example:
Skyrim, take a look Nexus site, after 3 years Skyrim is alive including other TES series, every day its a new mod and joy in making them (im one of those modders), currently ill start a new project with my team to create ultimate overhaul for Skyrim lets say that im working with a guy who's responsible for the most popular overhaul for a Skyrim on the nexus site, and im glad he invited me to the dev team.
Anyways take a pause from x series, you never know maybe in the future Ego will surprise us either negative way or positive way.
Take care bro, its been a pleasure and i had fun to know you ^^ especially when we worked together on your mod ^^.
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  2 years ago
This is another reason why I decided to leave the x-community; there is quite a few bad apples in it now. It was common to see threads turn into a flaming-match. I wouldnt envy being in it any-more.

as for your comments @stevethompson, well I am not really sure why you registered to post here (most of it is uncalled for and wrong).

- I am not a clone of Barren (as without me there be no site to post on),
- you obviously dont know much about modding either (as it takes a lot of work to do, and most of it solo),
- I never asked for people to post what they have. I just stated how I feel, and that I wanted to leave. These posts are created by people who wanted to post something. Why shouldnt I be able to post that Im leaving?

I dont really need people to come onto my own site, to flame me - you can do that else where.

ps. to everyone if you see people flaming, dont join in - let me me deal with it. Also note I am not just a moderator on a forum.
RegularWildKat avatar
RegularWildKat  •  2 years ago
I'm sad that you are stop watch X Rebirth. I been playing for 70 hours total not straight but 1 to 2 hours at time. I like the new graphic options that are in new patch. I think it looks like nasa space pictures.
BarrenEarth avatar
BarrenEarth  •  2 years ago
SteveThompson is a bad troll. Which staff member of Egosoft are you? Created an account today to try and call the single most important community member of the X-Universe selfish... hilarious.
stevethompson avatar
stevethompson (banned)  •  2 years ago
And BarrenEarth is a Roguey clone? Certainly a lot of the people posting on Egosoft Roguey thread were none other the Roguey using different account names.

"the single most important community member of the X-Universe". Are you serious? That's an utter and complete joke and rather pathetic. I question whether anyone besides Roguey would have the unmitigated arrogance to say such a thing.

Let's put things in perspective. Roguey is not a modder - or at least he is one of the lesser capable modders. I see he's trying to do some game design, but he's still a baby in that arena and I doubt he has the skills to pull it off. So since he's a poor modder, what is he? OK, so he's created a fan site with some content about the game. That's it!

I know he/you are interested in puffing him up, but his contributions are very meager and don't warrant the love-fest mutual admiration society you/he has created for his image.

I suggest Roguey seek counseling. It looks to me like he is suffering from Megalomania (narcissistic personality disorder). This can be a serious problem causing much grief.
DarthWayner avatar
DarthWayner  •  2 years ago
Stevethompson, the people who support Roguey already know exactly what he is. He's a guy who devotes time and energy to something he loves doing and doesn't ask anything in return from his supporters or exploit their trust. That makes him light years more respectable than a pack of sodomizers who wait for their fans backs to be turned before sticking it in, and then telling them that uncomfortable sensation is not what they think it is. Of course I'm drawing parallels between that un-imaginative Xbox 360 title called X-Rebirth and a 12 inch sandpaper dildo, but then again no one waits years to for the dildo and they sure as hell aren't going to pay $50 bucks for it. So say what you want about Roguey but if the employees at Egosoft cared half as much as him, the company wouldn't be circling the drain like it is today.
BarrenEarth avatar
BarrenEarth  •  2 years ago
Roguey prepare to be banned as Ketraar is actively pushing for that behind the scenes.
stevethompson avatar
stevethompson (banned)  •  2 years ago
Good to see you go. From what I've seen, your primary interest in Rebirth was all about you, you, and more you. No wonder they demoted you. And yes, you are probably right thinking that Bernd doesn't like you. Who can blame him? I'm surprised you are not facing a legal suit.
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  2 years ago
well ive done a bit of an update for v2.0 - one of the last things I said I would do for XR. Its took much longer than normal but hopefully you can understand why. I did the update because it doesnt take long and brings the stats up-to a major version (2.0)

I guess I could return to the x-universe, but really doubt it. Ive already seen 12 months of development of XR, so I feel its doubtful another 6 months will make a difference.

as for the egosoft forums, I was demoted from L6 to L3. I think I caused a bit of trouble there (for people like CBJ etc.), so I wouldnt feel welcomed there any-more. So its highly unlikely ill be there again. Im pretty sure Bernd doesnt like me either (maybe im just being silly).
firestorm79 avatar
firestorm79  •  2 years ago
come back... come back... Cry

Just want to repeat every comment on this thread. Thank you Roguey, you will be missed, and I hope something else captures your heart like the X series did.
Fallent avatar
Fallent  •  2 years ago
Well nothings final. Roguey can always return to the X series if he wishes. He hasn't been banned from Egosoft forums yet :p But 6 months break from it would probably be the best thing for him. Rebirth is getting better but it's got years left to make it truly worth while and I doubt it will ever reach the greatness of TC/AP. It just doesn't have any feeling to it. All purely my opinion of course.
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  2 years ago
@Bossie yes, i was kind-of hoping the same thing but after 6-12months you have to wonder is it just false hope.

@philistine thanks for letting me Smile

ps. im just working on the last update for the xr site - v2.0 stats.
Bossie avatar
Bossie  •  2 years ago
Deep down I was hoping that one day you would post a comment to say : Rebirth is fixed - go and buy it.
I regularly checked the Egosoft website to see if the vibe change to more positive than negative. My impression still is that: What you bought is what you get and be thankfull for it. It appears that the mods are not helping to fix problems either, but rather to try and find reasons to carry on playing the game.
I won't buy Rebirth or probably any other Egosoft games, but still enjoy and play both TC and AP. Your site is still my TC and AP point of reference for stats, places to find stuff, etc. and will remain so.

Thanks very much for guiding me in the beginning of my X3 career. Your hard work in the past is really much appreciated and I hope your passion for space sims soon find a new home with a worthy developer.

Fly the sky with a glint in your eye!
philistine avatar
philistine  •  2 years ago
Roguey, a HUGE thank you for all your work over the years. I'm just sorry it took me this long to say it!
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  2 years ago
Thanks guys for your kind-words. Its a shame things have came to this, but I never really felt part of the development. I also dont like how bad the community has got, it was once a friendly,active place but now its not; sniper'ing, flaming, overzealous mods etc.

Yes, the sites will remain open - just not updated. I may update my XR site to v2.0 after that the x-sites wont be updated any more by me. This includes news posts, code changes (unless required to update site), design changes (unless the site general design changes), Mod updates and scaling back how much I help with x-games. Sorry guys, you will have to ask more on the official boards nowadays. Not that I dont like helping although.
AlexanderSziller avatar
AlexanderSziller  •  2 years ago
True, I've watched the Egosoft forum and some peeps popped up, saying that "he is easly replacable".
No, he isn't.
But at the same time, I agree that we shouldn't talk of Roguey's decision as if he was doing a suicide or something...
RegularWildKat avatar
RegularWildKat  •  2 years ago
I am sad that you are stop watching X Rebirth game but you should take a break from the game for 3 months to see if the game is good after your break
grindleader avatar
grindleader  •  2 years ago
Why would anyone even bother to come back to this broken game? Will they "improve," it? I guess it depends on your definition of improve.

That STILL leaves the issue of misleading the public as to the condition of the game at launch and charging you full price for a game they KNEW was fubar.

Sorry, I have no inclination to reward companies who have shady and deceitful business practices.
Rottenflieger avatar
Rottenflieger  •  2 years ago
So just to clarify, is the website going to be shut down? Or is Roguey just saying he'll no longer add content, etc?

Like others have said, I'm very appreciative of the efforts of this site. For a long time, I would have the Roguey site open in my steam browser whilst scooting around the X-Universe. I'll always have fond memories of how referring to the plot guides, sector maps and missile info pages mid game has saved my skin Big grin
Ryley avatar
Ryley  •  2 years ago
I've been a visitor to your site since X2, through X3, X3TC and X3 AP. With a very short amount of time spent in X-Rebi... nope can't bring myself to type it.

Although I've never posted, spoken, or thanked you for your efforts, I wanted to say how much I appreciated all your hard work.

I'm regrettably one of 'those' VERY long term X-Universe fans who despite huge doubts and high hopes for X-Reb... Tried it and then logged out, never to log in again for fear of having some sort of Schizophrenic homicidal reaction involving a trip to Egosoft and a very large axe.

Now where are the keys to my Freelancer...

Safe travels Roguey.

thegooseking avatar
thegooseking  •  2 years ago
It's very sad. I haven't played X:R, but X has always been about digging through frustrations to find something great underneath. From what I've heard, it sounds like with X:R they remembered to include the frustrations but forgot to put something great underneath them.

It's a shame if a bad release (and I know that's not all there is to it, but I can't comment on the other stuff, because I just don't know) has to bring this great thing to a close. But even as vast as the X games not counting Rebirth are, I can understand if you feel you've done all you can with them. I'm sorry your X3AP mod didn't get more support. I totally would have helped if I had any X modding experience at all and wasn't so late to the party.

There will be other games. There will probably even be games that are better by any reasonable metric. But quality only makes a game good; it's character that makes a game special. I hope you can find something else that's as special.
Jambock avatar
Jambock  •  2 years ago
Well Roguey, put a "game over" after Rebirth is the best to do for us who aren't happy with the "turn" in the game designs; i have posted in Ego's forum again in the hope of some good news about what i most disliked of the new X and unfortunately the answer i got it's that one that i don't wanted to hear.
At least some users and Moderators there still seems good people, polite and courteous, but the ones that aren't appear to have a louder voice in the forums now; as i said before i cannot feel well there anymore so i really understand your feelings. Some people can't understand that when you spend a lot of your time, years, in something you get attached to it, and see people devaluing the efforts of someone is something very sad to see.

Unfortunately there's nothing we can do now besides turn our attention to other games; they can not miss us, but our money, Well, it they will miss (Ego), this is the only "communication" that the Softhouses really cares about and the only way that we can use to be "heard".

Sorry for my bad english.
AlexanderSziller avatar
AlexanderSziller  •  2 years ago
A real shame, roguey. You are a legend in terms of X and Egosoft history.
Will have to memorise everything again - ship stats, stations, map, characters, races etc. - as I had to back in 2004, when I started with X series, as just a 8 year old boy.

Had to stop watching your video in the middle - even through Iam enjoying Rebirth, your frustration started growing in me too!

Roguey, maybe you need a pause, a long time-out.
You spent a significant part of your life with EGOSOFT products, and I can confirm myself that playing one game for too long just isn't a good thing to do.

Take a long break - forget the X series for a while, and play a different game.
Something very immersive and long-termed.
But open your calendar - turn the pages until you skip 5 or 6 months - and do a mark. That mark should say "check how EGOSOFT and their games are doing".
BarrenEarth avatar
BarrenEarth  •  2 years ago
Hate that it had to come to this. And to any and all of you Egosoft butt kissers out there, screw all that talk about "who cares" and "he is replaceable". That is absolutely insane. This man's name is in the credits of the game you so undeservedly worship!
grindleader avatar
grindleader  •  2 years ago
Well, at least you still have the memories of the good times. Too bad their hubris overcame them.

I think this is a good place to put this....
http : //www .youtube. com/watch?v=fHvf20Y6eoM