Pimp My Ride

Pimp My Ride

Maximally upgrade the Albion Skunk.

I am sorry, however a description for this achievement hasnt been added yet.

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haines avatar
haines  •  3 years ago
Mk5 engines, Mk 5 shields, police scanner, trade software and all Mk 2 weapons works to get the achievement.
cbowsin avatar
cbowsin  •  3 years ago
Have MK4 Supercharged Engine, MK4 Behemoth Shield x2, all MK2 Weapons, Police Scanner, Trade Computer, and 8 drones equipped, mk2 when available, still not unlocked...
w0lfo avatar
w0lfo  •  3 years ago
Requires more than MK4 shields/engines and all weapons available by mechanics...
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