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Saturday 18th March, 2017 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 1 comments

For awhile the blog section had been disabled. The main reason for this was that the code required updates and I wasnt sure how it would be integrated into the Elite Dangerous commanders section. I do hope that I can get the commanders section finished soon, as its hopefully something of interest to you; allowing you to import journal files into the site, see your Elite dangerous blogs, etc..

So today I have been working to improve the blog section. Once the fixes were done, I wanted to improve the design. The old editor even relied on pop-up windows - which isnt done nowadays. This took a few hours to complete, but should be a lot better.

With the editor updated, I wanted to improve blog creation tools. I felt it was often very confusing were things were. So I have created a new section under my home, called My blogs. This should allow you to see your blogs, edit them, add new ones or remove your unwanted blogs quickly. I do hope these changes are welcomed, and I know not everyone wants to create a blog. However its something which will be added to the commanders home once its ready.

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