A strange world

Friday 20th March, 2020 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 0 comments

Its surprising how things have changed in just a few weeks; people are being told to stay inside, not to socialize and businesses closing their doors to the public. I wanted to take a few moments to say that I hope you, your family and friends stay safe whilst we go through this unsettling time. Here in the UK we hear a lot of bad things on the news about Coronavirus, but hasnt really been explained. In the shops people are panic buying which is leaving shelves empty. This in turn is causing more people to panic buy; I bet its happening all over the world - not just in the UK?

I did find this video on youtube today; which I found useful. So I thought id share it with you guys too (just in-case);

As for me and the site, work all continue on - and nothing really has changed here (fortunately). I have been doing work on the X4 site and will also be adding the engineering mods to the Elite Dangerous ship section soon. In another note, the split DLC for X4 should hopefully be released soon. If Egosoft send us a copy, ill be sure to add that information to the site. For those in the UK, a new 90-minute special of Red Dwarf should be out on Thursday 9th April on Dave;

In the current events, the main thing is that we all stay safe!
Good luck out there commanders!


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