Beginners guide to mods (Page 1 of 3)

Written by Roguey,

Beginners guide to mods, written by Roguey

What is a mod?

A mod (which is short of modification) is a file(s) that changes one or more things from a vanilla game. You may of heard of the term vanilla - which simply means un-changed game (ie. after you installed without any extras). Mods vary in size, ranging from tiny (1 file) to massive (containing 1,000's of files).

Mods can change gameplay, add new content (ships, sectors, stations) or just make life easier.
Mods can also contain scripts, that are often used to affect the game-play.

It is common that large mods can not work together, this is because they often change values that another mod needs. X3 is not very giving and will simply crash back to your desktop.

Tools required

When making tools there are a few useful tools required. Most of them are made by the great Doubleshadow. The two main ones being the ModManager and the X3Editor, however a text editor (such as notepad) can be very useful as well. So to summarize, you will need:

Without doubleshadow tools, many of us would have very limited modding options.

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