X3: Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Does Alt + Tab work? why doesn't it?
No, it doesn't work before version 1.3 switching between applications will make X3 crash. However in version 1.4 it should work correctly.

Do I need to patch my game?
Yes, out of box there is a lot of bugs and Performance problems. Newer patches have fixed many things including bugs, performance issues etc.

How I make X3 play faster?
Make sure you have AA and AF turn off on your graphic card. Turning off post-filtering (in game) can help improve performance at the cost of graphic detail.

Is X2 and X3 Similar?
Yes, the only major advancements have been in graphics.

Why is the benchmark option ghosted out?
Egosoft hasnt enabled it yet, as of version 1.3.

Havnt I heard that music before?
You probably have, most of it is from either X1/X-Tension or X2.

Is there any way to clear up the HUD?
Nope, im afraid your stuck with all the boxes.

What does it all mean on the HUD?
Check here.

Can I make the menu bigger?
Nope, higher resolution, smaller menus.

Can change the colour of the menus?

Can I increase the in-game brightness?
Yes, in the video menu, increase the gamma setting.

Is the manual different than the actual game?
Yes, its not very good manual as was printed well out of date. There is a lot of things which did not make it to the final game but are in the manual. ie. There is no repair lasers.

Why does "Ore belt" etc. run very slow in verison 1.3?
Egosoft added in 'mini' rocks, there is no way to turn them off either.

Ships FAQ

Whats the best ship?
There simply isn't one ship for every thing. You will find different ships are better for different things.

What does M6/M5/M4/M3/M2/M1 mean?
It simply means what class the ship is. M5 is the smallest to M1 is the biggest. M6 is an later added class which is in between M3 and M2. It would of made more sense renaming the M6 an M3 and knocking down the other classes, but they didn't do that.

What does TL/TS/TP mean?
TL is an large transport ship designed to dock ships and place stations, TS is the trade class ship and TP is an transport ship which is able to carry passengers.

How do I make my ship faster?
Buy engine tuning upgrades from any equipment dock. Every ship does have an maximum speed however.

How do I lower turning speed?
You cant, unless you buy another ship. Best rule is to buy half way and try it (any M3/4/5 ship), any M1/2/6 just do the maximum.

How do I repair the hull?
You have to dock the ship at any shipyard. Then trade with the station and you will be able to repair the hull.

Will the hull auto-repair?
There is no auto-hull repair system, however in my mod Roguey's X3 Mod I did code in an auto-hull repair system which you may want to check out.

Are there 'free' ships?
Yes, found further out sectors, However none of the 'free ships' are M6/2/1 or TL/TS/TP ships.

Whats an Xenon P?
A Xenon M6 ship, more information can be found here. In X2 the Xenons did not have an M6 class ship.

Ive seen some M1/2 ships saying Beam weapon, is that true?
No, the 'beam' weapon is more or less the same as the PPC, although it an little different in stats.

Does it cost anything to run a ship?
No, you dont need to buy thing to run a ship, not even fuel nor to dock. Its all free.

Where can I find a list of all the ships?
You can find one here.

Stations FAQ

How do I build my own?
Firstly you need to hire an TL ship and ask him to dock at the shipyard. Once his is docked, buy the station and command the captian to move to your new location (which can be in another sector). When finally they are there, ask the captain to "drop my goods" and then press enter to confirm it. Your factory will now be built

How can I repair my stations hull?
You will need to find an message in the BBS saying about repairing stations, in the same sector.

How come the pirate station has gone red?
They dont like you and dont wont you to dock either.

What is an 'trade' station?
The 'trade' station is normally the main station in each sector. Here you can buy a few upgrades and sell selected things for the average price.

What is an 'shipyard' station?
This is the place you buy and sell ships, as well as buy stations.

What is an 'equipment' station?
This is the place to upgrade your own existing ships, including upgrades, missiles and lasers.

How come they wont let me land?
Your relationship with people in the current sector isnt high enough. They dont trust you enough to dock with them.

Where can I find a list of all the stations?
You can find one here.

Upgrades FAQ

What does upgrade software do?
This allows your onboard computer to do more things (orders).

How do I use the jumpdrive?
Either press shift + J or on the menu select "Navigation" then "Jump-drive". Jumpdrives need energy cells to add. The amount of energy cells depends on size of jump and the size of the ship.

Where can I get a Jumpdrive from?
You can get an jumpdrive from either Goner temple, Terracorp HQ or free in the story mode. There is no jump-drive in the later sectors.

Where can I get best buys/sell locator from?
Any Teladi equipment dock, both together cost around 40,000cr.

What does UT mean?
UT means Universal Trader.

How does an universal trade work?
You have have an fully equipped TS ship (ie. all the software upgrades, jumpdrive and full shields is an good idea). Then once you have brought the "Trade system extension MKIII" for 500,000cr, then give the ship an order of "start sector trade". The UT will start trading in only the same sector and will buy and sell things for profit. You will notice an set brackets after the pilots name, that is their level. After level 8 they can start using the universe trader which allows them to trade between sectors, later on they can even use the jumpdrive and repair thier hulls.

How do I escape missiles?
Depends, some you can out-run, some you can turn nearly in, whist some you you cant. Depends on the missile.

Ive seen some goods on my sector map, can I pick them up?
Yes, as long you have enough space and have the same or large cargo bay type (S, M, L or XL). Fly other to it and just "O" to open up your cargo bay, then fly at it and you will pick it up. If you have the "Special software upgrade" you can order to ship to either pick up everything in the current sector or just the one item.

Other FAQ

How do I increase my trading rank?
Either trade more yourself or have more of your own ships trading. People who trade with your stations can also help your ranks.

How do I increase my combat rank?
You have shoot some more ships down. A captured ship doesnt improve your combat ranks.

How do I increase my relationship to the argon, boron, split etc.?
Basically more argon, boron etc ships have to dock at your stations, or you to land on thiers. Also shooting down enemy ships will help as well.

What does an satellite do?
This allows you to view the sector 'live'. With this you can see any enemy ships, check prices and even trade with the stations. One other very useful function for many traders is with the best buys/sells locator you can use your satellite to find the best buys and sells from other sectors.

What does an advanced satellite do extra?
Extra scan range, around double. One minor werid thing, advanced satellite's dont have any shields, whist normal satellites do, not that it makes a lot of differents.

What are fighter drones?
Theses are little computer control robots that fly and attack enemies. Whist they are weak on there own, in groups they can be fairly deadly.

What are laser towers?
Laser towers are basically ships which cant move and have large laser. They are often used to defend locations, however they dont have massive amounts of fire-power so dont think they can destory an M1/2/6 ship.

Can I mine rocks?
As of patch 1.3+ you can. However it doesnt work the same as X2, no auto-pickup and you must check to see if its 'collectable' by pressing "I" when targeted. I think in 1.4 is an auto-pickup.

Can the lotto be won?
Yes, but the chances are soo small it really makes it not worth it - more chance winning the real one.

Where can I find a list of all the ranks?
You can find one here.