Boron Royal Shipyard (Shipyard)

factory picture
Shipyards are the heart and soul of modern societies. They are factories of gigantic dimension, built to manufacture all the space vehicles and even build and sell whole construction kits for new factories. Because of the immense resources and labour required to build as well as run a factory like this, shipyards are rare to encounter. The Boron shipyard is a hive of activity, mainly due to the fact that the Boron do not believe in a lot of automation, instead preferring to trust the fine skills and talents of their many engineers, craftsmen, and semi skilled workers. Each Boron ship is virtually hand built, and they are rumoured to last longer, be more reliable, and are better made than the ships of many other races.

General Statistics
Race owner Boron Boron
Station price 649,167
Cargo space 20,000 (ST)
Sold at Found in
  • None found..

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