Corporation Troubles plot (Index)

Corporation Troubles guide

On the next few pages you will find the walk-through to the Corporation Troubles plot.
Please note this guide will contain major spoilers! This plot was added in X3AP v3.0.

Here is a break-down of the guide:

Page Info
1. Introduction and requirements A quick run-down about the plot, whats required and where to start it.
2. Starting the plot / Share Recovery #1 Starting the plot, and the first shareholder mission,
3. The random missions Info on the random corporation missions.
4. Share Recovery #2 Help the shareholder defend his station.
5. Share Recovery #3 Finding the strongbox and returning it.
6. Share Recovery #4 Protecting two convoys from the Yaki.
7. Share Recovery #5 A Tour of a lifetime!
8. Share Recovery #6 Can you win the auction for lot 42?!
9. Share Recovery #7 Help a shareholder start a new crystal business.
10. Share Recovery #8 Framing a rival corporation.
11. Share Recovery #9 Returning a ship from a Xenon sector.
12. Corporation Business Being Brought-out, getting the HQ and completion.

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