STEAM achievements

Active the script editor
A Few Good Men
Train five marines to five stars.
A Proud Moment
Build a factory.
Ahoy Me Hearties
Obtain the highest rank amongst the pirates.
All Your Sector are Belong to Us
Use a trading station to claim your own sector.
Captain of Industry
Achieve trade rank Wholesaler.
Save 100 million credits by using your repair laser.
Combat Pro
Achieve fight rank Professional.
Common Blueprint Collector
Obtain the blueprints of all common ships.
Complexes made Easy
Build a complex of 20 stations with a single complex hub.
Crash Course
Pass the Flight School.
Defender of the Universe
Destroy 1,000 Xenon ships.
Send an Agent on a diplomatic mission.
Drones, Drones, Drones
Obtain a drone carrier.
Epic Empire
Obtain a net worth of 100 billion credits.
Fly Swatter
Stun seven space flies at once.
Industrial Collector
Obtain all station blueprints.
Industrial Farmer
Upgrade any food factory to XXL.
Spend 10,000 influence.
It Was About Time!
Get more than two billion credits in your account.
It's Cold Outside
Force a pilot to eject from their ship.
Jail Time
Get caught trading on the black market.
Claim ten ships.
Lost Profit
Reach enemy rank with all members of the Profit Guild.
Major Miner
Mine ten units of Nividium.
Own an Armoured Transporter.
Master Collector
Obtain all 4 collector achievements.
Build a complex with five factories.
Nice Stash
Get 100 million credits in your account.
On the Beat
Earn 100,000 credits with a police licence.
On the Move
Pack up and move a station.
Operation Blackbeard
Board and take over ten capital ships.
Pirate Fever
Force a pilot to eject a crate worth over 10,000 credits.
Please Surrender
Get a ship to surrender via Comms.
Rare Blueprint Collector
Obtain the blueprints of all rare ships.
Board and take over a Xenon Q.
Repair Service
Repair a damaged NPC ship.
Collect 10 million credits worth from cargo crates.
Sell 10 million credits worth of goods from the black market.
Hide illegal cargo with cargo bay shielding.
Solar Shock Wave
Destroy a Solar Power Plant.
Special Blueprint Collector
Obtain the blueprints of all special ships.
Stop, Thief!
Steal cargo using the Cargo Bay Hacker.
Send an Agent on an espionage mission.
Visit all sectors. Unfocused jumps don't count.
Tubman Award
Release 100 slaves.
Turn Up the Heat
Destroy 20 ships with the Plasma Burst Generator.
Reach enemy rank with all members of the Foundations Guild.
War is Good Business
Reach Enemy Rank with the Teladi and NMMC.
Weapons Baron
Upgrade any weapons factory to XXL.
X-Treme Fighter
Achieve fight rank X-TREME.
X-Treme Trader
Achieve trade rank X-TREME.

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