A beginner's guide


  • Do the Flight school mission *,
  • Learn how to trade,
  • Explore new sectors *,
  • Learn how to fight *,

* = not yet written


Starting X3TC for the first time can be very confusing at first - countless icons floating around the screen, without a clue what to do. In this guide, I plan to explain what's going on and how to play X3/X3TC.

The first thing is to start X3TC and get onto the main menu, like so:

The main menu in X3TC

The two main options are New game and Continue, which let you start a new game or load in a save game. I'm guessing your a new player to X3TC, so lets start a new game instead of loading in an existing game. So select New game, and another list will appear like so:

List of new games

Your list may have a few different choices than mine, however which one you pick will not make a huge difference in the overal game, just what you start with, your reputations and your location. So it maybe best not to start with a difficult beginning at the moment, but an easier one to get used to the game. For this I recommend you pick Terran Defender, seeing as your in a safe place.

Once you start, your see this:

Just started

Onwards to the second page: