Terran Shipyard (Ship)

factory picture
This shipyard serves as a USC ship-production and repair facility. The majority of the Terran fleet used to be produced at the Torus station around Earth. In recent years increased security in the Earth sector and a huge rise in ship demand led to the building of this station.

General Statistics
Race owner Terran Terran
Station price 649,167
Cargo space 20,000 (ST)
Other production
Terran Baldric no. rank 302,902 credits
Terran Scabbard no. rank 402,484 credits
Terran Mobile Mining Base-Ship no. rank 22,795,163 credits
Terran Osaka no. rank 73,875,167 credits
Terran Tokyo no. rank 54,575,442 credits
Terran Scimitar no. rank 1,187,975 credits
Terran Cutlass no. rank 4,122,209 credits
Terran Sabre no. rank 231,104 credits
Terran Rapier no. rank 28,824 credits
Terran Katana no. rank 6,267,055 credits
Terran Yokohama no. rank 34,449,977 credits
Terran Claymore no. rank 4,241,655 credits
Sold at Found in
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