Yaki Shipyard (Ship)

factory picture
This shipyard is the embodiment of the Yaki's growing power and resourcefulness. The ships produced here are of high quality, with capabilities comparable with those of military ships from other races. The Yaki consider this installation to be a key strategic asset, thus it is constantly guarded and occasionally hidden.

General Statistics
Race owner Yaki Yaki
Station price 649,167
Cargo space 20,000 (ST)
Other production
Yaki Hoshi no. rank 63,983,166 credits
Yaki Akuma no. rank 120,485,334 credits
Yaki Susanowa no. rank 1,168,500 credits
Yaki Tenjin no. rank 4,284,500 credits
Yaki Raijin no. rank 389,500 credits
Yaki Tonbo no. rank 899,746 credits
Yaki Fujin no. rank 389,500 credits
Yaki Ryu no. rank 16,294,084 credits
Yaki Chokaro no. rank 243,438 credits
Sold at Found in
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