Yaki Hoshi (M1)

Ship picture
Hoshi, meaning star, is the Yaki's response to increasing incursions into its space by Argon and Paranid patrols. Able to jump in, deploy fighters and retire to a safe distance, Hoshi now makes Argon and Paranid mission planners think twice.

Price 49,281,000 credits (33,333 notoriety points)
Engine speed 70 to 112.0m/s (x6 engine tunings)
Turn speed 0.3 to 0.5rpm (x6 rudder tunings)
Shields 2 x 2 GJ Shield (19 mins, 36 secs, 100% efficiency)
Hull strength 280,000 points
Weapon energy 51,000 (+ 800.0J/sec)
Cargo-bay 8,000 - 8,800 (XL sized)
Hanger 40 ships
Production at HQ
42 hours, 43 mins, 42 secs.
Weapons Missiles

4 x Front turret

6 x Right turret

4 x Rear turret

6 x Left turret

4 x Top turret

4 x Bottom turret






Special commonwealth

Special terran

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zortan avatar
zortan  •  4 years ago
The Hoshi , now here is a interesting ship , it has some interesting things to look at , so lets have a look .

To start this is the fastest carrier around at 112 it can drop in pop 40 fighters and keep at a safe distance without getting into any danger itself , with the 2.8 mil hull keeping a safe distance would be best .

on the weapon side it also has loads of turrets spread all over the ship great for keeping it safe as well the right and left turrets can take the big guns total of 12 , not to be over looked though is that the power core is on the small side for the fire power

It does how ever carry 40 fighter ships , great for keeping her around to defend stations as well as a great raiding ship .

on the down side undocking the ships lead to some fire works at times 5 to 13 of mine have blown up just by undocking and docking , so keep in mind do not tell them all to undock or dock at the same time as the Hoshi does not handle that .

to some up its a aggressive type of carrier with lots of turrets and at the 80 mil price tag might be considered a ship to get all your pirate needs in order , do be careful while fling her as the navigation does seem to get it killed more then bombers do .

Tips for using her would be to load her up for anti fighter with some IBL's right and left , will make her a beast against M6 and most M7's as well , keep your distance from anything bigger though , as well dock ships in groups or face her blowing up from the inside out .
TryckSh0t avatar
TryckSh0t  •  5 years ago

Super-Anti-Missile !
Equip with Cluster Flak Array you don't need to be afraid of any missile that launch from M8 or any battle ship, thanks to its wide area damage, even the most hard to hit Hammer heavy torpedo can't get close to this ship. you just need to face your flak array to those missile.

Fighter coming? shoot them with missile!!
because this ship don't have any long range laser cannon, you can't draw the attention of a long distance target, but you did can fill your big cargo space with most kind of missile, like typhoon it's a good swarm-type missile with great damage, fast enough to kill most M3.and try not to engage with big ship and fighter at the same time, because your shield & energy are very limited. use your missile to take down some M3,M8 fighter, then your can just ignore other fighters by close all Turret to save energy. if you want to deal with M4 an M5, send a Mosquito Missile to draw their attention then shoot them with your Artillery Array, its the only way.