Ceo's Sprite

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icon icon Teladi Teladi Shipyard
  • Product wares
    • Teladi Space Equipment Dock
    • Teladi Trading Station
    • Teladi Sun Oil Refinery M
    • Teladi Sun Oil Refinery L
    • Teladi Bliss Place M
    • Teladi Bliss Place L
    • Teladi Flower Farm M
    • Teladi Flower Farm L
    • Teladi Teladianium Foundry M
    • Teladi Teladianium Foundry L
    • Teladi Dream Farm M
    • Teladi Dream Farm L
    • Teladi Complex Construction Kit
    • Teladi Concussion Impulse Generator Forge
    • Teladi Mobile Drilling System Factory
    • Teladi Flak Artillery Array Forge
    • Teladi Impulse Ray Emitter Forge
    • Teladi SQUASH Mine Factory
    • Teladi Mosquito Missile Factory
    • Teladi Silkworm Missile Factory
    • Teladi Typhoon Missile Factory
    • Teladi Ore Mine M
    • Teladi Ore Mine L
    • Teladi High Energy Plasma Thrower Forge
    • Teladi Solar Power Plant M
    • Teladi Solar Power Plant L
    • Teladi Solar Power Plant XL
    • Teladi Satellite Factory
    • Teladi Shield Prod. Facility 1 MJ
    • Teladi Shield Prod. Facility 5 MJ
    • Teladi Silicon Mine M
    • Teladi Silicon Mine L
    • Teladi Weapon Component Factory
    • Teladi Crystal Fab M
    • Teladi Crystal Fab L
    • Teladi Quantum Tube Fab
    • Teladi Chip Plant
    • Teladi Computer Plant
    • Teladi Flail Missile Production Facility
    • Teladi Tomahawk Missile Manufacturing Plant
    • Teladi Gauss Cannon Forge
    • Teladi Hammer Torpedo Fabrication Facility
    • Teladi Cyclone Missile Factory
    • Teladi Condor
    • Teladi Phoenix
    • Teladi Falcon
    • Teladi Falcon Hauler
    • Teladi Falcon Vanguard
    • Teladi Buzzard
    • Teladi Buzzard Vanguard
    • Teladi Buzzard Sentinel
    • Teladi Harrier
    • Teladi Harrier Hauler
    • Teladi Harrier Vanguard
    • Teladi Osprey
    • Teladi Albatross
    • Teladi Toucan
    • Teladi Vulture
    • Teladi Vulture Tanker
    • Teladi Vulture Hauler
    • Teladi Vulture Miner
    • Teladi Vulture Super Freighter
    • Teladi Vulture Super Freighter XL
    • Teladi Heavy Osprey
    • Teladi Gannet
    • Teladi Peregrine

(12km, 0km, 6.75km)

Controls: You can use drag the map, use the mouse wheel / buttons to zoom in and out.

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