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Plot guide

The meeting at Indignity

Once you reach Indignity, you will see the HDA Arawn once again. Yisha is impressed how quickly they have secured the areas... After a few moments you hear that a ship is locking onto the beacon with old access codes.

A few moments later, a Split capital ship appears right next to you. The Split captain demands you stop your attack on the Xenon, however Bayes refuses to stand-down. He calls you stupid and tells you that the Split already have a plan in-place. Bayes wants to know more about the Split ship, and so asks you to search for a Split base;

At this point you will not be told where the Split base is. You can either choose to look around for it, or simply click the button below - I guess most of you will be clicking the button;

Once you have found the Split base, you will be contacted by a Split, demanding to know what you are doing. You tell them - you are simply a trader, who kills the odd Xenon when possible. Sort-of believing you, he tells you to dock at the high-lighted platform. He wants to talk to you;

This is where you meet Kol t'Yo. He tell you that the Argon plan will fail again. However this isnt the only thing he says; he has a request from Family Ryak. They want you to take Kol t'Yo, to meet a fellow Split however this Split lives on-board a Argon station. When the conversion is over, he will get on-board your ship ready for the transport.

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