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Plot #1 guide

Searching for a defence officer

The next thing to do is to find a defence officer. This can be done two ways; either we go do some missions (for some money), or we try to sweet-talk someone (so we can get them at a low price). I would recommend you go do some missions (search for icons on this page) has its much easier.

Hire a defence officer

The easiest way to get a defence officer is to simply buy them. If you have been following the plot, you will need to do some missions for some extra money - you wont have enough otherwise. When you do have enough money, we need to find our defence officer. In-game this isnt explained very well. The first thing is we need to locate a defence officer. To do this go hail a ship, and ask them where we can find one. What you must do is to get within 10km of a ship, then right click and select hail. On the mini-menu select where can I find.. -> job applicant -> hire: defence officer. Your goal marker change to a platform to land on. So fly over to it and land on it.

Once landed, walk over to the person and hire them;

Small-talk a defence officer

Another way to get your defence officer is to use small-talk to sweet-talk a deal. This method can be difficult because after you sweet-talked someone they need to offer you a contact with a defence officer. This is random, so getting the right person can take a lot of goes. So while it maybe possible, I recommend you do the above (ie. hire them with some extra money).

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