When playing X-R you may want to know where to find the shipyards and thier platforms, so you can build ships for your fleet. Below is how to use them, and a list of where they are.

Shipyard platforms

Once in range of shipyard, you will want to talk to the ship-trader. So the first step is to find the shipyard platform, which can found by looking for an icon like so:

Shipyard icon   Shipyard platform

Once you have found one, land on the platform and search for the ship trader. The ship trader is a NPC with the following symbol above his/her head:

Ship trader   Ship-trader

For a more in depth guide, see Ship building for starters.

Universe » Albion » Inner World » Cuspid Splint » Civ Ship Dockyard
Universe » Albion » Far Out » Gemstone Manufacture » Capital Shipyard
Universe » Omicron Lyrae » Devoid Clime » Eternal Dawn » Large BTO Shipyard
Universe » DeVries » Glaring Truth » Darned Hot Air » BTO Shipyard