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Starter's guide

The interface

One of the first things you need to learn about is the game interface, most specifically how to operate the ship and be able to understand the read-outs. You can control your ship in various ways including keyboard, mouse, controller (including the XBox360 controller) and/or joystick. I wont go into detail about the controls because you can configure your controls anytime via the main menu. To access the main menu simply hit <esc>.

Now, lets have a good at the interface:


  1. Damage indicator, this flashes red when you have taken hull damage,
  2. Ship status, the top/blue bar being your Shield strength, whilst the bottom/white bar being your hull strength,
  3. Secondary weapon, the weapon you will fire as your secondary weapon, usually missiles,
  4. Primary weapon, the weapon you will fire as your main weapon, usually a laser,
  5. Speed bar, shows your current speed - blue for forward, red for backwards,
  6. Ship monitor, Detailed infomation on objects,
  7. Heavy damage indicator, Starts to flash when your ship has taken a lot of hull damage,
The other thing to point out is that red icons mean hostile targets, green mean property own by you, gold are goal-markers (way-points, targets, plot items, etc.), and blue mean friendly. Most of the time you will come across blue, which mean they are friendly.

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