Starter's guide (Index)

Starter's guide


If you reached this page, you're probably wanting some help with X-Rebirth - confused? stuck? or clueless? Well lets see if I can help with that!

The first thing to point-out is X-Rebirth is based on a new engine, created by Egosoft themselves. This means a lot of changed since the previous x-games like ships, area, wares etc.

If you find this guide useful, please let others know;

Page Desc
1. The interface Getting to know the game,
2. The Player-ship Let's get to know the ship we will be flying,
3. The universe Getting to know the universe,
4. Highway and gates How to start moving around,
5. Landing on platforms Time to explore the world out of the ship
6. The plot A basic intro to the plot in X-R
7. Trading How to make some profitsss
8. Missions How we take on quests, and complete them
9. Mining How to harvest rocks for money
10. Capturing ships Seen a ship you like? lets 'borrow' it
11. Building ships How to build our own ships
12. Building stations Want to start building your empire
13. Mini-games Lets play some of the mini-games
14. Drones How to fly, control and use drones
15. Boarding a ship How to force a captain to give up his/her ship
16. Conclusion A summary of the guide

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