Cell Recharge Fac (station)

The Cell Recharge Facility provides limited docking facilities for the automated transfer of depleted fuel cells and charged cells from and into vessels. Usually, Cell Recharge Facs are outfitted with their own processing lines so allowing them to either re-purpose depleted cells or to produce new ones. Cell Recharge Facs can be run with just a core crew; however full automation is rarely desirable as vessels docking for fuel cell transfer often require manual adaptation of their docking protocols.

Universe Search
For Dev's struct_bt_alb_fuelstation_macro

Default setup
4 x Fuel Cell Mill
produces Fuel Cells

1 x Container Storage
320,000 x #container,

2 x URV Launcher

2 x Caliba Reactor
bonus +0.08

2 x Caliba Crew
bonus +0.05

2 x Spun Collider
bonus +0.09

2 x Filling Station
480,000 x #energy,
480,000 x #fuel,

Sequence A (optional)
1 x Command Relay

Sequence B (optional)
2 x Targon Tracer