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So I thought I would express my thoughts on XR... well, where to begin.

The first thing that becomes apparent is the lack 'X'. Granted it is based around Plutarch, and there are many references to the old X games but it just does not feel like an X game.
Secondly, I am so bored. I mean i'm playing this long anticipated game, my PC was built around the specs for X-R, and I'm bored. I've played 10 hours, not very far in, as I am writing this blog I am on part 17 of Roguey's plot guide. (Putting it like that to avoid spoilers). I have not got any excitement from the game. I remember getting a buzz when you flew through a swarm of Kha'ak or Xenon in the previous games, but I have not had that felling yet and I am slwoly losing interest.
However, I am only at the beginning (i hope) of the story line, so I will continue playing to see what happens.

(1 hour later)
I forgot to click post blog... I just exited Rebirth because it froze... it has done this many times. Annoying my A LOT! It only freezes when I am in the highways.

Posted by bozo64r on Monday 18th November, 2013   ·   Comment 7 comments   ·  

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Chobbler avatar
Chobbler  •  3 years ago
Definitely the worst X game ever, however since I got the idea of it being an X game out of my head and just play it for what it is Im starting to enjoy it more. the big problem for me is that the game is still broken and with every patch that fixes something it breaks something else. I wish we could control our own speeds on the highways depending on what engines are installed and nip in and out of the traffic to get past rather than just tailgating some freighter. Try not to get demotivated Roguey and finish the guide please :0)
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  3 years ago
btw thanks bozor for posting the blog. I do agree the game is rather boring. I guess mostly cos things have been 'dumbed' down, and now seem rather pointless.
Fragmentality avatar
Fragmentality  •  3 years ago
I've gotten to the 4th system (Maelstrom) in the campaign and done a few of the story quest there, but I still haven't found the enjoyment X3 brought.
lifeforce1 avatar
lifeforce1  •  3 years ago
I will come back to this,but for now let say this xbox coding in there delay upon delay this hole game is a beefed up version of freelancer does that give you a clue its in the bloody name.. x microsoft rebirth freelancer makes a hole lot of shit to me this thing is going to need lots of mods.. jmo
Virtualaughing avatar
Virtualaughing  •  3 years ago

Tens of thousands X gameplay behind me and i feel like an idiot when playing this game...
I can not talk about this game without flames so better to stop now ;p
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  3 years ago
How I feel about it too - having the motivation to finish the guide is hard.
bozo64r avatar
bozo64r  •  3 years ago
I know how you feel virtual. I am playing free mode to see if I can get any satisfaction, but nothing Cry