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Posted by bozo64r on Monday 18th November, 2013     Comments 7 comments

So I thought I would express my thoughts on XR... well, where to begin.

The first thing that becomes apparent is the lack 'X'. Granted it is based around Plutarch, and there are many references to the old X games but it just does not feel like an X game.
Secondly, I am so bored. I mean i'm playing this long anticipated game, my PC was built around the specs for X-R, and I'm bored. I've played 10 hours, not very far in, as I am writing this blog I am on part 17 of Roguey's plot guide. (Putting it like that to avoid spoilers). I have not got any excitement from the game. I remember getting a buzz when you flew through a swarm of Kha'ak or Xenon in the previous games, but I have not had that felling yet and I am slwoly losing interest.
However, I am only at the beginning (i hope) of the story line, so I will continue playing to see what happens.

(1 hour later)
I forgot to click post blog... I just exited Rebirth because it froze... it has done this many times. Annoying my A LOT! It only freezes when I am in the highways.

's avatar Ok... Ok... I've been away. (Bozo's Blog #6)
Posted by bozo64r on Friday 28th December, 2012     Comments 1 comments

Well not really, I have been a very active member on Rogueys site, but recently I ain't done nothing! But once again i'm back! :P
I got a job, and now spend more time fixing PCs than playing with them 'yay'. However i still have time for X3, I started a fresh game of X3TC, this time not doing the story line, I become an Mercenary, you can make so much money!
Starting off is hard, but once you rise though the ranks, you can make 10-20 million in a couple of missions.
So I started off in the old M5, sold my Mercury (started as Humble Merchant) and set off doing missions that got you a few thousand credits, but then luck hit me like a pot of good flying towards you at light speed, a pirate had been fighting the Argon One in Argon Prime... so my doing suicide runs goes to attack this M3 (I'm an M5...) I hit him, me being the lucky sod I am ended up with 2% hull... the pirate got hit a few times and then with me crashing into him he had enough, I hear that he yields! YAY! I get an M3.
And so it carried on I slowly repaired the ship with my Repair laser and eventually got her fully upgraded, I increased through the ranks, and got myself a Skiron, there not the best but a good M6, then went onto the Daimos! OH MY what a wonderful ship, I had one when i first played X3TC and forgot how good it was. the best shields on an M7 in the game 6 x 1GJ (better than some M1 and M2) and it turned out to be really good at ramming, it did not lose much health, so when i got bored I attacked M1s and rammed then BOOM, they're gone and i'm still there and hearing 'You are being promoted'
I then bought an M2 an OTAS Boreas, I only signaled it to jump in when i needed it, it stayed in dock at the Shipyard in Legends Home most the time. Then there came a mission where I had to destory an M2, not taking risks I got the big guns out, off we go me in the M2 the computer flying the M7, both jump and start attacking this Xenon M2, we destroyed it, me happy, I was about to transfer to the M7 and all I see is the bright light of an explosion, the computer flew it in the the god damn gate ring and it got destroyed, (my fault, should not trust the computer) so me being a fair and honest person did not re-load the latest auto save, i carry on. I did not like the M2 so i sold and bought another M7 Big grin
So yeah... that's an update.

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Posted by bozo64r on Sunday 26th February, 2012     Comments 3 comments

So I have started to go into complex building, and I have got myself addicted to it. I have built a self-sufficient complex that supplies will supply my HQ for ship building. I will be building up a huge fleet even though it will take a long time.
My complex in PTNI was originally for Energy Cells but it branched off onto a lot of other things.
My first one in Argon Prime is self-sufficiant up to the point of ore and silicon, but they are always stocked to the max, with one freighter for each.
I plan to build in an uninhabited a sector and huge complex designed to resuppy my fleet with shields and weapons. May take a while and will be expensive put will pay off in the long run Big grin

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Posted by bozo64r on Friday 16th December, 2011     Comments 1 comments

Blog picture

I thought would write a quick blog whilst I am d'loading the new X3 Wink
I will be adding screen shots to my forum page for them, so you lot can see what it is like. If you have any think you want me to take a look at feel free to ask on a forum page. Big grin

I am looking forward to playing AB, just hoping my system can handle it.

Something that really annoys me is the fact that I have a 50mb/s fiber optic broadband and I am just cracking 5.5mb/s d'load and it had a peak of 6.1mb/s.

Currently I am on 48% and it is only just making 4.8mb/s big drop.... so I am annoyed. I suppose a lot of people d'load from the Steam servers.

There is manual available online... I will see if i can get the link the you can see it :P

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Posted by bozo64r on Tuesday 30th August, 2011     Comments 6 comments

Hmmm, not much to say but knowing me I can make it into a lot.... ;P

I have started looking for various things involving the X games that are worthy for the news feed. I will post them from time to time so please take a look. These will mainly involve updates and other major things such as the recent one of the X Wiki shutting down. So please feel free to look at them Smile
I have now become re-addicted to X3TC I am currently going around blowing people up in my Taladi Shrike, I had just completed a mission killing someone, it gave me 5million credits, I was happy as I could finally buy another M3 fighter for my docking bay... I know have enough wing-men to keep me happy. I was just about to jump out of Paranid Prime when a bloody Paranid M1 jumps through, now as I had just been in a fight... my shields where at about 30-40% that M1 hit me and .... BOOM :O and then 'Game Over' I was annoyed, so loaded up my latest save game. For this game I had said no cheating but this seemed a worthy cause, so I made a wares script and acquired 1000 hammerhead torpedo Big grin Big grin Big grin i went to Paranid prime, and totally obliterated both the M1s that where there and all there stations... took a while but cause I was using these nice torpedoes I could take out most ships with just 1. The big carriers took 10 but it's worth it. I was happy I had REVENGE!!!! Big grin

Whilst playing X3 i have been also addicted to Call of Duty: Black ops on the Xbox.... for anyone that has got it.... round 31 on Der Riese (from the Resurrection map pack) beat that Wink And for all the boring people who have a PS3 or none of the map packs (or live in America where i don't think they are available) on Kino Der Toten i got to round 27. There a challenge for you Smile

Happy Hunting.