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Hmmm, not much to say but knowing me I can make it into a lot.... ;P

I have started looking for various things involving the X games that are worthy for the news feed. I will post them from time to time so please take a look. These will mainly involve updates and other major things such as the recent one of the X Wiki shutting down. So please feel free to look at them Smile
I have now become re-addicted to X3TC I am currently going around blowing people up in my Taladi Shrike, I had just completed a mission killing someone, it gave me 5million credits, I was happy as I could finally buy another M3 fighter for my docking bay... I know have enough wing-men to keep me happy. I was just about to jump out of Paranid Prime when a bloody Paranid M1 jumps through, now as I had just been in a fight... my shields where at about 30-40% that M1 hit me and .... BOOM :O and then 'Game Over' I was annoyed, so loaded up my latest save game. For this game I had said no cheating but this seemed a worthy cause, so I made a wares script and acquired 1000 hammerhead torpedo Big grin Big grin Big grin i went to Paranid prime, and totally obliterated both the M1s that where there and all there stations... took a while but cause I was using these nice torpedoes I could take out most ships with just 1. The big carriers took 10 but it's worth it. I was happy I had REVENGE!!!! Big grin

Whilst playing X3 i have been also addicted to Call of Duty: Black ops on the Xbox.... for anyone that has got it.... round 31 on Der Riese (from the Resurrection map pack) beat that Wink And for all the boring people who have a PS3 or none of the map packs (or live in America where i don't think they are available) on Kino Der Toten i got to round 27. There a challenge for you Smile

Happy Hunting.

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