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Complex building... pays off.

So I have started to go into complex building, and I have got myself addicted to it. I have built a self-sufficient complex that supplies will supply my HQ for ship building. I will be building up a huge fleet even though it will take a long time.
My complex in PTNI was originally for Energy Cells but it branched off onto a lot of other things.
My first one in Argon Prime is self-sufficiant up to the point of ore and silicon, but they are always stocked to the max, with one freighter for each.
I plan to build in an uninhabited a sector and huge complex designed to resuppy my fleet with shields and weapons. May take a while and will be expensive put will pay off in the long run Big grin

Posted by bozo64r on Sunday 26th February, 2012   ·   Comment 3 comments   ·  


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