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Posted by jacer08 on Wednesday 9th March, 2011     Comments 1 comments

i just wanted to touch base with anyone who cares, and let them know what ive been up to.

actually, i've been reading a lot lately on my Kindle. not only do i enjoy PC games, and PS3 games, but i also read fantasy. along with all that i work at least 8 hours a day on weekdays, and i have to fit in some exercise sometime in there too. oh and i guess i should mention my wife too.

so, rather than try to do everything that i like doing, every day, i usually just focus on one thing at a time, untill i get tired of it. when i first joined this site, i was on a X3 kick, and i was playing that game almost every spare minute i had. i got kinda bored with that after a month or so, and i moved on to trying some old N64/PSX games on my emulators. then it was on to my PS3 for a while.

lately, i've been reading a lot, but i soon see myself going back to my PS3 to play DA-2, as soon as i get it. i also see myself comming back to X3 eventually, as i really want to finish the Khaak campaign.

's avatar recession over
Posted by jacer08 on Monday 7th February, 2011     Comments 0 comments

so i took a break from playing X3 for a while. partly because my game kept crashing, and partly so i could finish dragon age - origins awakening. i killed some darkspawn, and now i'm ready to come back and kill some shit with my reaper of death, a.k.a Khaak M3 lol.

's avatar X3 » supid fire nova
Posted by jacer08 on Monday 7th February, 2011     Comments 1 comments

i would just like to retell my first death becuase it's BS!

so i'm flying along, harassing freighters, having a good time, when i get like 4 missiles fired at me out of nowhere. next thing i know i'm under attack by a nova mk1 and an escort of split scorpions(m4 i think). no big deal, i take out the escorts, and then toy around with the nova for a little while, hopeing to cap it, when i get more HEPT fire from the back. so now there's a fire nova on me to, and here's where it gets interesting. as soon as i get him locked in, to deal with this guy he runs into me, and i die of course.


's avatar X3 » starting fresh
Posted by jacer08 on Sunday 6th February, 2011     Comments 1 comments

about to start a new Khaak game in V3.3(beta) of rougey's mod. i've reinstalled X3 from steam, so that i have a fresh game directory to run the mod. the only thing other than the game, is the egosoft bonus pack, which shouldn't cause any problems.

unfortunately it's getting late so i probably won't play much tonight.