Bad Mojo

Heyo to everyone reading this Big grin
Lately, I got tons of stuff to do. it's a hell for me at the moment, school is going into final rounds of tests, project deadlines are closing with FTL (faster then light), and I'm tired.
Nonetheless I started work on a TShip editor for X3 Reunion and possibly X3 Terran Conflict.
While all info I need has been provided by Roguey, I still found some issues with it. For starters there is anything from 63 to 295 entries for a single ship. Many are Turret and Front Gun points and definitions, and while this isn't a big deal per se, it kinda destroyed my illusion of it being a simple parsing program.
I'm kinda known by now for over-engineering things, but most of the time, somehow the project gets done, better then the initial idea (what-the-ship magazine for example).
This one is no exception, I want to support X3R, X3TC, multiple languages (as in..english, german etc.), and different mods. Sounds simple 'eh?
well it's not all that complicated, really, it's doable...but there is a slight problem.
For the last 2 months, any project I touch seems to get more complicated each time I just think about it. Usually, the more you work on a project, the easier it gets...but lately....well things are different for me. Me being tired and in dire need of some vacation isn't helping at all.
So why am I writing about this? I have no idea....just kinda need to let it go...let it flow into the universe...
Well, it seems my Mo-Jo is turning against me this time...

Doesn't matter is there, and it needs to be done, it needs to be done by me.
Ok, going to drag my sorry a** back to work now.. Big grin

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