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Been playing a TC save for a while now, an I now officially have more ships than I know what to do with...
Lets start the list shall we? I have:
A Panther, fully equipped, needs more fighters for escort (uses the Nova Raiders);
A Shrike, fully equipped, needs fighter escort;
A Cobra, partially equipped (needs hammers), needs more marines (10 4 star)
A Griffon, needs equipping (has nothing useful), needs fighter escort;
A Gannet, needs equipping (has nothing, may sell), has no marines;
A Carrack, needs equipping (has nothing, may sell);
A Minotaur, needs equipping (has nothing, may sell);
M6 & M8
A Skiron, fully equipped, no marines;
A Pirate Osprey, needs equipping (has nothing, may sell), no marines;
A TLS, fully equipped, no marines;
A Vidar, needs equipping, no marines;
A Hades, fully equipped;
A Claymore, partially equipped;
A Chimera, empty
6 Blastclaw Protos, 2 combat ready (PBG, PRG, PAC), 4 empty
3 Blastclaws, all empty
11 Pirate Novas, all empty
2 Pirate Falcon Vanguards, all empty
3 Pirate Falcons, all empty
A Pirate Eclipse, empty
A Perseus, combat ready (HEPT, PBE, PAC)
A Barracuda Raider, empty
5 Nova Raiders, Red wing (HEPT, PRG)
A Venti, combat ready (EBC, PRG)
X shuttle, combat ready (EMPC, PBE)
A Cutlass, combat ready
2 Scimitars, combat ready
A #deca.cefa, empty
A Falcon Sentinel, empty
A Nova Proto, empty
6 Pirate Busters, 3 as fast tenders, 3 empty
2 Pirate Buzzards, all empty
A Pirate Scorpion, empty
A Pirate Buzzard Vanguard, empty
A Pericles, empty
11 Solanos, 10 in Gold wing (MD), 1 combat ready (MD, PRG)
A Elite, combat ready (PAC)
A Eurus, combat ready (PRG, ION)
5 #deca.deafs, all empty
A Kite Vanguard, empty
A Mjollnir, empty
A Kestrel, combat ready
A Rapier, combat ready
A Pirate Harrier, empty
A Advanced Discoverer, combat ready
A Advanced Jaguar, empty
A Elephant, fully equipped, full fighter wing (uses the Solanos)
A Mammoth, partially equipped, needs fighter escort;
3 Toucans (marine storage)
4 Hermes', all empty
2 Mantas, all empty
2 Iguana Vanguards, all combat ready, boarding transports;
A Express Hauler, empty
2 Scabbards, fully equipped, 10 crap marines in each
A Chokaro, fully equipped, full fighter wing;
A Zephyrus, fully equipped, (mobile repair station, I have marine repairs script)
About 25 working on stations, storage, jump traders and UT's
About 60 needing repairs, probably selling too, but can't transport or repair them...

There is probably more, and I'll add it as I go along. I just sold over 60 M5s, so now I have more M7s then M5s. Storing and equipping those fighters is pretty daunting, as my universe has a shortage of Hammers, HEPTs and EBC ammo (I have 500 boxes, total), and I'm not set up to make my own, I only have 30 mill, and not much sector defence. Storing the TS' is a logistical nightmare, as I can't really move them because they travel at about 10-20m/s, and I can't transport them because I need an Aran, yet most of my marines are in training (~40% done), so can't cap one yet. I'm horrified every time I look at my Property Owned list because there is just huge amounts of injured freighters and unequipped fighters. I really want a squadron of either 5 #deca.cefas or deafs with 4 PM/AML and ammo to use as a sort of bomber squadron. I also plan to have a squad of 5 Falcon Haulers as a salvage/heavy attack squadron (all with EBC's)

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