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Posted by Roguey on Tuesday 6th December, 2016   ·   Comment 0 comments

A few days ago I created a video saying that I was interested in traveling to Colonia (the new settlement which is around 22,000ly away from home area). After posting the video, a few commanders said I should make the journey. So for the past few days ive been preparing my ship for the long road ahead. The main thing I had to do is to boost the FSD range (originally I had 21y).

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After gaining favor with an engineer and getting him to upgrade my drive, I am now ready to head out. I will be using the following build, after I was advised by a couple commanders (in my Preparing for Colonia video). I now have a 50ly range, as I traded 5ly for an extra fuel tank.

So on the 6th Dec 2016, at 10:30pm - I am starting the long process from Deciat, to the first check-point at BLU THUA AI-A C14-10.

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Wish me luck,


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