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Posted by Roguey on Friday 10th February, 2017   ·   Comment 2 comments

Well.. I have finally reached triple Elite! The last title I had to finish was the exportation rank. This is a very slow title to complete without sightseeing missions. I must salute those who completed the title without them;

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Gaining triple Elite is something I wanted to do, but havnt been in a rush. The first title I got was in combat. I gained this title on 1st Sep 2015. Next title I completed was the trading, on 13th Nov 2015. The trading rank pushed my money up a lot, as you are required to make a billion worth of profit. And finally the last title - exportation on 9th Feb 2017.

I know I am not the the first commander to gain triple Elite, that was done by Commander One Percent. Techically I guess you can gain Quadruple Elite now; since the introduction of the CQC title. By anyway, I wanted to make a little post to say I finally done it Smile


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