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Blog » Starting X-Tension

Posted by Roguey on Wednesday 27th April, 2011   ·   Comment 0 comments

Yesterday I started X-Tension after finishing the plot in X-BTF.

X-Tension was a big leap from X-BTF, with maps, changeable ships, ship stats, missions and capturing. I havnt got far yet but I found something interesting, which I thought may help to anyone playing it.

Once you have enough money, get 5 x Silkworm missiles. You can buy these from Equipment dock (in Argon Prime). A good idea is to save now. Next find a Argon Elite without a homebase and follow it. Once you can close enough, launch all 5 missiles (with roughly a 100-200ms delay). After all 5 hit, the Argon Elite shields should be very low and you have a chance of him bailing. If he didnt, then re-load and try again. After a few attempts he may bail and you get an Argon Elite for 5 silkworm missiles. Be careful not to destroy any ships because you will lose a lot of your reputation. You can repeat this a few times and get half million credits for each elite.

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When you start X-Tenision you wont have enough money to buy 5 silkworm missiles, so try and capture something like a Goner ship. Goner ships are unarmed and not too fast. Capturing one Goner ship shouldnt hurt your ratings too much, but will give you enough for the missiles.

An Argon Elite is quite an upgrade from the Buster. If youre really lucky you may get an Elite with either a gun(s) or shield(s). Your first Elite will be the hardest, but with a few goes shouldnt be too hard to get. This saves trading for hours!

The next step is equipping your new elite!


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