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Making money in X-Tension

Ive been playing X-Tension for a few hours now and found out the fastest way of making money in X-Tension is by capturing Pirate Orinoco's (M3). Each one is worth around half a million! You wont find such easy money is that.

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I recommend 2 lasers, a powerful one (such as a A-HEPT) and the other to keep the shields down (A-PAC) for bailing. At first use both lasers to bring the shields down to like 10%, then remove the A-HEPT (by either pressing 1 or 2). Carry on holding the shields down with you A-PAC. Hopefully after few seconds they will bail.

Sometimes they will never bail, so dont spend 2 hours trying to capture one Orinoco. I hope that helps!

You may even find the bailed ship contains a shield, weapon or something else too. Making Orinoco's even more worthwhile!

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