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Today ive been looking at the M6+ ships, especially the Boron and Argon Heavy M6's. The Boron looks the best on paper, however its nice 10 million price increase seems very step. I couldnt decide which to pick: one side you got an all rounder, the other you got more cost.

So after awhile I though.. ah sod it! I brought a Split Elephant - at 17 million its not bad for a TL. Having your own TL allows you to get stations from shipyards and just jump them to where you want, instead of waiting ages for a NPC TL to reach your location. It also like a home - a cheap mobile HQ. Here's my new TL:

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The trouble now is money - station building is very expensive. However over time its profits will be good - especially if you make your complex require no input wares. The great thing about stations is that they always make money, whatever youre doing.

At the moment, my complex is simple 3 x Wheat Farm M in Three worlds. I didnt build these wheat farms for profit (although they do generate money) but for a boost to my rep - ships that land on your station give you a small rep boost.

I am now trying to expand on it by adding a 1MJ shield factory and all the other stations below. At-least now I can jump Wheat Farm L's now from distance shipyards with my TL.

For now ill stick with my Split Dragon as my main ship - it does every I want for now, plus its got the speed and a good frontal attack. However M7's are hard to kill with it.

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