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November activity round-up

Today (whilst my internet is working), ive been checking to see what activity has been happening on the sites. Here's a little round-up of the site activity.

In general there is a reduction of X3/TC visitors (I guess people are finishing the game and moving onto new things/waiting for Rebirth). Glitches in the game I guess haven't helped.

The hits on the Rebirth site have dropped also (to between 15-30) - however with very little new Rebirth news I can understand why. Ego have introduced a lot of changes, yet very little news - just a few odd forum posts on the official boards. Even from months ago we still only have a few odd pictures/videos.

The forum is doing okay, although its seeing around half the amount of viewers average. I guess this is due to the lower visitors on the other sites. However it seams there are regular visitors.

The PS3 site is getting a few visitors a day (5-15), however in the next few weeks, this will change as the PS3 site is being ported over to a console site, where support for the XBox 360 will be added. This is so me, bozor and Tiger can post news on both the PS3 and XBox (hopefully).

However, the most disappointing statistic is Ammo - Ammo has a very low visitor count. According to Tiger, the whole of the C&C community is struggling - which is a big shame. I can understand why Ammo gets lower visitors than other C&C sites but with really low stats it doesnt encourage me to spend a lot of time on it. I must thank Tiger for all his work on the site. Here's a preview of Ammo's activity:

Blog picture

Is it all doom and gloom? I dont think so. The X3/TC sites are pretty heavy rooted into X community, so whilst the hits may lower I feel they will never zero off. Hopefully Rebirth will kick start a new era but I feel that going to be when its out. If the Rebirth fails, I will probably move to a Guild wars 2 site (I will no doubt be spending a lot of time on it)

The console side of things... well that's a hard area to break into - so many other sites out there fighting over visitors... but if we can offer something unique there, then maybe we do well? The PS3 site is already getting a few visitors a day, so adding an xbox part will surely help. It will be good to have a site with a few people helping with it!

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