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Flash and gone

Today I read up a bit about Flash, as its an technology id like to use for my site. It seems that Adobe have ownership on flash, which basically forces you to buy their own editor. I was a bit surprised to see the price of it... £700!?! Eeeek!

So I thought ill have a look to see if anyone has an alternative. This is where I find Vectorian Giotto - which looks interesting. After a few hours, I couldnt get I want working: to load an external images. A bit longer, I got it to work but not how want I wanted it. As an coder, I want to be able to write code.

AS2/AS3 (which is the code used in Flash) seems very complex and hard to understand, its more like Java but you seem to pick random keywords out of the air. Even the editor is hard to understand, clicking on things which dont really seem to do anything, code disappearing, nothing really explained... its just a nightmare to me. This doesnt even look like its Vectorian Giotto fault, as their editor looks similar to Adobe's! Vectorian Giotto is probably an good alternative to Adobe. I did get a few basic things working although, just some plain animation.

So I tried it. Adobe Flash is simply too pricey for me, and then its an complex language to learn (for games and dynamic content). Its fine if you want to create a small animation (like a running stick-man), or something. I guess this explains why there are only a few flash developers out there, its not something which is easy.

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