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A quick flash

I hate being beat, after my recent failure with flash. So I thought ill give Vectorian Giotto another go. After a short while I managed to create a small flash item that displayed the time. This was an major step forward than my last attempt, however Vectorian Giotto was crashing a lot - not the mention each time I tried to type something, I would trigger the hot-keys rather than type what I wanted.

This wasnt right, so had to find something else - Vectorian Giotto was basically not stable enough, and I felt it wasnt up-to the job (shame although). So google around for other alternates and came across FlashDevelop.

At first you are thrown into an editor - which is a bit overwhelming at first as if your learning the language, its very hard to know where to start. However I kept going and within a few hours I had created my time thingy in FlashDevelop:

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It may not look much however this was in flash and used a timer to update the area, whilst moving it around and put an textbox there. I kept going thought a good next project would be new ship index flash. After a many hours, I manage to create it in flash (seen here).

What does this mean? well creating small pieces of flash. If everything goes well I might be able to make my own arcade games, however I feel that could be awhile away. However its all progress, which makes a nice change Smile

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