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In the next few days you may wonder why Roguey has gone a bit quieter than normal.. well, the reason is that Diablo 3 came out. It seam it's a hard game to find: being sold out at so many places. One seller play.com said in-stock within 3-5 weeks! However a few retailers are taking advantage of this, hiking the prices up-to £45+ (which is just crazy for a PC game). I understand a bit of a price hike, but £45+ just seems extreme!

Anyway... Ive had a few hours in it and things are kind-of strange.. The first thing to note is the graphics. They havnt changed the view (like Guildwars), so it plays much like Diablo 2 but with vastly improved graphics. Towns, dungeons etc. look very well done.

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However, I am finding the skill system some-what confusing atm. In Diablo 2 when you levelled, you would gain a point to use on a skill, either to improve an existing one or to get a new one. However in Diablo 3 it looks like you simply given access to skills at certain levels. So this can make levelling not so exciting. I also remember being given attribute points in Diablo 2, where I could decide where to put them. Attribute points are still in the game, but it looks like it's automatically done now?

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I thought ill touch on the issue.. DRM. To me signing up online and requiring you to have an internet connection isn't too bad. Ive done this in countless games now: GTA4, Guild wars, X3AP/Steam etc. I know developers have a hard time with crackers, hackers etc. So asking for internet connection is much friendlier than some aggressive CD/DVD copy protection – as they always get broken given enough time and cause countless problems for people.
Well.. I need to spend some more time there.. Axe you later.. :P

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