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DIABLO 3 » Further in, now at level 20

I am now a bit further into Diablo 3, at act two and being level 20 Demon Hunter. So I had a bit more time to get used to the game and its mechanics now.

My only real gripe so far is with levelling system, as it kind-of does everything itself now. In Diablo 2, you would gain 1 skill point and like 15 attribute points (to place where you like). However in Diablo 3, skills are simply unlocked at certain levels (ie. No skill points to boost skills, so skills don't really improve per level) and attribute points are automatically assigned. Whilst automatically assigning attribute points means that you can't put a load of points in the wrong place, equally means you have less freedom on how you develop your character. You may want to focus on say boosting your health, or increasing strength/dexterity for more damage. However this isn't possible in Diablo 3.

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I'm not sure if it's me, however so far the game hasn't been too hard - although it does seem to be increasing in difficulty somewhat. I guess Blizzard didn't want to make the game too hard to start with, as it may put off new players. I do hope it does get a bit harder, as so far ive had just 1 death, which was mostly my own fault: running after a treasure bandit, into a horde of monsters. D'oh!

I am staying solo for now, as playing cooperative online many people skip through all the text/speech, which I want to read/listen to so I get the idea of what's going on. For me I like knowing what's happening with the story, rather than just running around hitting monsters. I guess I'll get around to playing with others online, but for now quite happy to play solo.

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Now some good things ive noticed: Ive only played cooperative for a very short amount of time, but the first thing is loot is now dropped for each player, rather than a free-for-all. In Diablo 2 people would stand very close to a boss, so they could grab drops for themselves. This was a bit silly, as some characters were forced to stand right next to a boss just before the kill. Now with loot for each, this is no longer the case.. To be honest I would have expected such a thing nowadays although.

I do like how the weapon stats are now shown by damage per second, rather than just showing the damage (like in Diablo 2). This gives you a much better idea how good a weapon is, without having to try and work it out. . There is also a small area below the weapon stats which shows how the new weapon affects your character. Well done Blizzard for making this much easier for people.

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Another good thing is the amount of space your character has now. In Diablo 2 it did feel quite limiting how much you could carry on. This wasn't helped when charms were introduced (an item you used to keep in your inventory to boost your character) has they made your inventory even smaller, at some points you could only carry a few items (especially the big swords etc.). Now you can carry 10-20 items with no problem, so you don't need to head back to town so many times.

Its kind-of funny seeing so many of the old features return: the stash, town portals, away points etc. So many of them I had forgotten about since Diablo 2, however as I discover them, they have been nicely done: adding to the mechanics of the game.

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