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DIABLO 3 » Onto Nightmare mode

A bit ago I was a little worried that Diablo 3 was a bit easy. However by around act 4 in normal the game did start to get a lot tougher: I was getting killed a few times.

Now I am on Nightmare mode (where you go around again but with harder monsters and better items drop) and I'm getting some good battles, although having to be careful as some monsters put out some massive damage. I remember one skeleton guy with large axe charging it up, and then doing over 4,000 damage! I also seem to have problems with molten guys too (usually forget about their little parting gift, doh).

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Now I had a bit more time with the level system, I can understand how they done a few things. I do like the idea about unlocking a skill per level, as this allows you to change at any time. In Diablo 2 you would pick a skill, then that was it. This meant if you built your character badly, then you have to restart the whole game (no way to get back your skill points). However I would still like some way of boosting skills, like Guildwards. I feel the skill system has probably been dumbed down too much. I prefer Guildwars approach: skills belong to attribute (ie. Fire magic, strength, spawning power etc.). You are given a set amount of points, where you can assign them where you want (and can move them any-time in towns/outposts).

However I do feel that the attributes points in Diablo 3 should be assignable. Then we have some way of making our characters more customized, and levelling more important. Atm, levelling doesn’t feel all that important.

Diablo 3 dif. a very addictive game!

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