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DUKE NUKEM: FOREVER » Glitch insane difficultly

If like me, you started to pull your hair-out when trying to complete Duke Nukem: Forever on Insane (or very hard difficultly), then this may help.

Quite often you can walk into a area, you can be killed in a mere second then forced to wait 30 seconds for the game to reload (especially on the consoles). After a few tries, the load time gets very annoying. The end-boss is very annoying having no check-points between the battle. However this glitch works with him, as there are a check-point before and after.

This glitch basically allows you to play most of the game with God-mode on and Instant-kill enabled. You will need to unlock the cheats by completing the game on normal.

Background on the glitch
The glitch works between check-points (when the save icon/text appears at the bottom right). However you can not pass two or three checkpoints without reseting the glitch, otherwise the current game will be flagged with cheat and you wont complete the level on insane.

Using the glitch

1. Select your chapter, and the difficultly on Damn, I'm Good and start-game,
2. Play as little, or as much as you like until you hit hard secton,
3. Quit the game,
4. Go into the cheats menu and enable: God-mode and Instant-gib,
5. Go back to the chapters, then select resume game,
6. Now do the hard selection, and keep an eye out for the save icon/text,
7. When you see the save icon/text, quit game quickly.
8. Go back into the chapter screen, and resume game (the cheats will be turned off).
9. Carry-on with no cheats,


10. If you get stuck again, repeat from step 3.

If there is no more check-points (as its the end of level), go into the cheats menu (in-game) and turn them off before you trigger the next level.

If the level is a two/three part, turn the cheats off when the screen starts to dim (or go black), then repeat from step 3 (when the next part is loaded).



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