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Site activity during the past 3 months

Well during the past few months we seen quite a change in the site activity - linked to the release of X-Rebirth no doubt. However after the release, I noticed a slow decrease until things more or less returned back to normal. I know the reason why, however I wanted to share with you how this site faired. So the first graph is the amount of people visiting the site (as you can see there is a large increase around Nov - x7 times);

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So since the site was under a lot more stress, the next question is how did it effect the site being under all that stress? At the launch of X-Rebirth you may of seen the official site die because of the traffic (admittedly they were dealing with more traffic).. however this site appeared to carry on without any problems (even dealing with 7 times more traffic). Below is the average page load time during the same period;

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I always tried to make my code fast and powerful, and to me these graphs improve I did it right. Basically these graphs say that the site didnt struggle with the extra traffic, as the load times were unaffected.

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