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Hi guys, well I must say thanks to Roguey first of all for running the competion to win the X3 Terran War Pack and unlike my usual luck I won!!!

So a quick bit of background on me, I'm a gamer and have been for too many years to mention Wink I love my stragegy games from Civilization to Supreme Commander and everything in between. I've been playing the 4X stratgey Distant Worlds on and off recently since a new pack was released.

I'm often found on BF3 and cut my fps teeth on CS beta 7 and HLBig grinM.

My first PC game was Tie Fighter and I've always loved space sims: Elite on the old 48k, Frontier on the Amiga and Freelancer. I've also spent some time on EVE but I've always had a blind spot for pay MMO's.

I've haven't played TC but I have dabbled with previous X3 games so I'm really chuffed to get both TC and AP.

Before playing AP for the first time I had a trawl of the egosoft forums and saw there were some issues with frame rates due to a bug but just as I was thinking about leaving it for the patch - steam popped up and installed the lastest patch with the fixes and improvements. I also saw the bonus (signed) plugin and popped them on for starters.

I've looked at a few plugins on the forums but I think I'll keep the game unmodified for a while.

I'm going to have a marathon session on AP this weekend and will continue to update as I go on. I'd love to get on with AP but I also play rfactor regularily on a great group of servers and we have a Caterham Super 7 race on friday with I need to do some serious practice!

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