Colonel Bris Dekker (Engineer)


Colonel Bris Dekker retired with full honours a decade ago. He served as a Federal Navy officer as part of an elite recon squadron and has an almost natural affinity for frame shift technology. Even though he is retired, the navy call on him to evaluate any changes or upgrades. His facility has recently been vastly upgraded to support the training courses that he provides as well as his regular workshops. Develop your relationship with him to discover another engineer.
  • Discovered: Unlock Juri Ishmaak (grade 3+),
  • Meeting: Be friendly with the Federation,
  • Unlocked: Donate 10,000,000 (10mil) credits of combat bonds,

Location: Sol » Iapetus » Dekker's Yard,

Region: Sol,

Possible blue-prints
folderFrame shift drive
Faster boot sequence 3 MAX
Increased range 3 MAX
Shielded fsd 3 MAX
folderFrame shift drive interdictor
Expanded capture arc 5 MAX
Longe range 5 MAX

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