Elvira Martuuk (Engineer)


Elvira Martuuk is a well known explorer although she is rumoured to have once been a deadly assassin before heading out into black. Some have claimed shee needed to 'cool off' after a particularly high profile case, so went exploring, but Elvira denies it. She is fascinated by all things alien, and has become expert at spotting human fakes. Her reputation is such that her base is rarely troubled by freebooters. She believes in being self-sufficient, and her tight-knit group grows all their own food. Develop your relationship with her to discover another engineer.
  • Discovered: Common knowledge,
  • Meeting: Travel more than 300 lights-year from your start location,
  • Unlocked: Donate 3 units of Soontill Relics (Ngurii » Cheranovsky City),

Location: Khun » 5 » Long Sight Base,

Region: Sol,

Possible blue-prints
folderFrame shift drive
Faster boot sequence 5 MAX
Increased range 5 MAX
Shielded fsd 5 MAX
folderShield cell bank
Rapid charge 1 MAX
Specialised 1 MAX
folderShield generator
Kinetic resistant 3 MAX
Enhanced, Low power 3 MAX
Reinforced 3 MAX
Thermal resistant 3 MAX
Dirty drive tuning 2 MAX
Drive strengthening 2 MAX
Clean drive tuning 2 MAX

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