Marsha Hicks (Engineer)


Marsha Hicks has been in and out of more penitentiaries than she can count. She decided to go straight and move out to Colonia after the death of her daughter, when the Thargoids attacked Bhal. She doesn't like dealing with people, but everyone has to make a living and working as an engineer is better than going back to jail.
  • Discovered: Unlock The Dweller (grade 3+),
  • Meeting: Attained the exploration rank of surveyor,
  • Unlocked: Donate 10 units of Osmium (found in inner ring of Colonia 4),

Location: Tir » A 2 » The Watchtower,

Region: Colonia,

Possible blue-prints
folderCollector limpet controller
Lightweight 4 MAX
Reinforced 4 MAX
Shielded 4 MAX
folderFragment cannon
Double shot 2 MAX
Efficient 2 MAX
High capacity magazine 2 MAX
Lightweight mount 2 MAX
Overcharged 2 MAX
Sturdy mount 2 MAX
Rapid fire 2 MAX
folderFuel scoop
Shielded 3 MAX
folderFuel transfer limpet controller
Lightweight 1 MAX
Reinforced 1 MAX
Shielded 1 MAX
folderHatch breaker limpet controller
Lightweight 1 MAX
Reinforced 1 MAX
Shielded 1 MAX
folderMulti cannon
Efficient 3 MAX
High capacity magazine 3 MAX
Lightweight mount 3 MAX
Overcharged 3 MAX
Short range 3 MAX
Sturdy mount 3 MAX
Rapid fire 3 MAX
Long range 3 MAX
folderProspector limpet controller
Lightweight 3 MAX
Reinforced 3 MAX
Shielded 3 MAX
Shielded 1 MAX

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