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Campain help. Escort mission with Mi Tong

Posted 6 years ago.

Space king
I should begin that I have set up the game with no mods installed, and the difficulty is set to medium. Right now i'm in the middle of escorting Mi Tong back to the Terracorp HQ, i think this is the third mission of the game (including getting to Terracorp in the first place) Anyway, I decided to instead of taking the way that the mission briefing told me to, (I went up the way the briefing told me to) I went down south and decided to get to Home of light through the west. The pirates attack me in Presidents end, and then that terracorp ship comes and saves me. Cutscene ends and.... I explode. I tried doing the exact same thing again, and I explode again Go nuts . This happened again on my third try (after exiting and opening the game again) and the same thing happens. Any help would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

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Posted 4 years ago.

oh go up is north try that then from argon prime go through the wall sideways right then right again to the system were u meet metong oh if u havnt been there yet its not mapped so find the gate s but dont go south then fly to meet metong as per the mission when he is onboard fly back dont sell the shields u will need them to get past the atack the tp ship has good speed and plenty shield defence when complete u get your old ship back u carnt keep the tp ship or if u sell shields u greatly increase ypor chance of not geting back to tera corp station so mt advice is just dock an after alls done jump in yourold ship do next 1 get credits for a aRGONE MERCURY and when u do visit argon prime i will let u get on whith it ok bye 4 now

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