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Add linking to "own" profile like others can see

Posted 6 years ago.

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Too blind to see
While logged in a click on "home" or the "Welcome DHLF" leads to /users/home I was looking how my profile is seen by other users.
But all I can see there is what happened lately to the site, like people's registration and replies to some threads.

My suggestion: the link of those "Welcome, DHLF" should link to users/profile.php?id=xyz instead.

To avoid confusion it may be better to just add a link like "your profile" @http://roguey.co.uk/users/home/ on the left side of the menu between "my home" and "my rewards"

Posted 6 years ago.

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hi there,

well that could help but there is a technical problem by trying to add it. The XML (which does the menu on the left) doesnt know your actual user-id. Ill have to think of a way of doing it. Its easy enough to add to a page, cos it knows your user-id.

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