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Our latest update for X: Rebirth is now available. New features include:

• New generic missions and new upkeep missions for easier station management.
• New ships: The new Onil mining ships available in the Canteran shipyard in DeVries.
• New "Container Magnet" which helps to attract nearby collectables to the player ship.
• Easier navigation through text search field in map.
• New FXAA graphics option.

And among the many other improvements in 3.50 are:

• Improved station manager and station owned ship trade behavior.
• Improved balancing and accuracy of combat calculations when player is not present.
• Improved response of player owned stations to nearby player ships being attacked.
• Completely reworked Russian localization.
• Improved support for UI-modding and much more...


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A big improvement in 3.50 for me that they didn't mention in their summary was the fixing of the map so that objects in our ships' radar range are now display. Another, that I don't think even made it into the patch notes was that the plot URV Forge now produces a range of drones making it more useful to DeVries and the player.

3.51 was released on 20.03.2015. A highlight for me being that the Sucellus finally gains a drone bay. That provide an improved rationale and sink for drones made by the player's plot URV Forge.

• Collision shield damage now only applies to player ship, or drone when under player remote control.
• Improved balancing and accuracy of combat calculations when player is not present.
• Fixed missing drone docks on Sucellus and Balor.
• Fixed missing shield protection for drone bays on large Teladi ships (Teladi Outpost DLC only).
• Fixed player being thrown far into empty space when leaving super highway under autopilot.
• Fixed mass-traffic "clumping" after loading a savegame.
• Fixed problem with mapping buttons on certain joysticks.
• Fixed very rare case where a target might not be selected using gamepad controls.
• Fixed delay when launching mining drones from Teladi capital ship (Teladi Outpost DLC only).
• Fixed engineers not returning Construction URVs in some situations.
• Fixed incorrect maximum shield values during and after construction.
• Fixed repairing of station parts not correctly restoring surface elements.
• Fixed "free" upgrades on stations extended when the player is not present.
• Fixed scan station missions not completing.
• Fixed missing variation name on several ships.
• Fixed "zombie" NPCs on certain stations who will not respond to attempts to talk.
• Fixed capital ships not being able to boost if shields are too low.
• Fixed claimed ships not running commands after claim is complete.
• Fixed drones bumping while trying to dock on certain docks.
- "Rebirth 3.51"

Full patch notes for 3.50, and for 3.51 can be found here:

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Linux version (Alpha) is doing great progress as well. It works amazingly well already at this early state.
One of the developers (linolafett) mentioned that they are working on some bigger "patch" they can't talk about yet. Interesting to see what is coming. Great progress anyway.

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