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E:D Outfitting-Automatic prices

Posted 6 years ago.

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Hi there,
it is very boring to add outfitting stuff by typing in the same price for things of the same class over and over again..

There are some items which exist in one unique version regardless of the ship size:

    1C    Advanced Discovery Scanner            1.545.000
    1E    Basic Discovery Scanner                   1.000
    0I      Chaff Launcher                                  8.500
    1C    Detailed Surface Scanner                  250.000
    0F    Electronic Countermeasure                12.500
    0I      Heat Sink Launcher                           3.500
    1D    Intermediate Discovery Scanner        505.000
    0I      Point Defence Turret                         18.546
For example:
We just have to select those Detailed Surface Scanner while the class/price will be automatically preselected.
Maybe another button like "calc" has to be implemented, so by hitting this new button the values will be calculated and put in.
If everything is correct we will press "go".

The following autocalculation would be more difficult to implement as first the item has to be selected followed by size/class.
Depending on its class the price should be autofilled(like above an additional button may be needed).

Cargo Racks:
    1E    Cargo Rack                                1.000
    2E    Cargo Rack                                3.250
    3E    Cargo Rack                                10.563
    4E    Cargo Rack                                34.328
    5E    Cargo Rack                                111.566
    6E    Cargo Rack                                362.591

Today I realized for the first time that the item names in outfitting are LINKS to detailed description about that very item.
Roguey's site is full of surprises Nod

Posted 6 years ago.

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hi there,

I agree the outfitting pages did require an overhaul. I have now done so. The lists are now sorted by category and have automatic price suggestion. It should be a lot better than before. I have also fixed a few wrongs entries too (which were being displayed as unknown).

ps. if you have a problem with armour you may need to clean your cache - I changed one of the XML's.

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